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Since 1986, Burcu Flooring, with a wide product range and high quality products in industrial and decorative flooring has been applying 1 million m2 of products especially in the contract market (restaurants, hotels, offices, airports).

Burcu Flooring will and can produce solutions to your flooring projects with its experienced staff.

Burcu Flooring, by being the distributor of leading companies both in Turkey and abroad makes a difference by using their products in distinguished architectural projects.

Burcu Flooring is the exclusive distributor of ITC –CARUS (Belgium), IMPERTEK (Italy), GRABO SPORT (Hungary) importing parquets, composite deck supports and FIBA approved sport parquet from above mentioned companies.

With  our 30 year old experience that consists of wide range of unique designs and colours that suit every budget, experienced installation team, and our devotedness to provide high quality services are here to meet you….